Weight Loss and Maintenance

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Hypnosis, psychological therapies, tools and techniques, to change your thinking and behaviours around food and drink, in a way that supports a healthy slim body.







The Truth About Weight Loss

You are your habits.  Most ‘diets’ will work if you follow them, however for many once the diet is over the weight goes back on.  The key to losing weight and keeping it off for good, is to develop healthier habits, around food and drink choices, planning meals, portion sizes, exercise and lifestyle.  If you don’t get rid of the old habits and develop those new habits to support you, then ultimately any weight loss you do have will be temporary and you will not keep excess weight off.  

To my knowledge there is no magic wand, bullet or fairy dust that will prove triumphant over this truth.  Even baritric surgery will force the need to change eating habits and weight-loss medications often have unpleasant side-effects.  

Setting You Up For Success

Dieting is about deprivation so the starting point is to STOP dieting and re-build a natural healthy relationship with food.  I’ll help you get super-focused on how you will be at your ideal healthy weight, and help you overcome any psychological blocks that might sabotage your success.  You’ll learn how to deal with food cravings and if necessary I’ll use aversion techniques to put you off certain foods.

It’s also important that you accept yourself, as you are now, it’s not easy to do good things for someone you hate.  You are more than your body so I’ll help you establish a better relationship with yourself so that you want to do good things for you.


Doing It Your Way

I encourage you to take a balanced, sustainable approach to your weight loss journey, rather than follow any whacky fad diet.   My clients usually know exactly what types of food and the quantities they should be eating.  Ultimately you know your body best and how you eat has to be right for you.

My role is to help you develop the right mindset and change your habits so that you no longer agonise over ‘good’ and ‘bad’ foods.  I’ll work with you to get motivated and focused to change those habits, and help you remove the psychogical blocks that are preventing you from achieving the slim, fit healthy body you want.   Book a discovery call to find out  more.

Creating Your Slim, Fit Body


Examining Beliefs

We’ll examine the beliefs you have around food and your weight, that are no longer serving you, and reprogram your mind for success.

Food Cravings

Craving certain foods?  Learn fast, easy and effective ways to manage cravings for those foods which sabotage your best intentions.

Making Better Choices

Is it a battle to make the right choice when faced with temptation?   Become motivated to make healthier lifestyle choices around food, drink and exercise

Emotional Eating

Do you eat because you’re stressed, bored, or lonely?  I’ll help you find healthier and more satisfying ways to manage your emotions, so that you don’t need to overeat.

Getting The Help You Need

What will it feel like to achieve your ideal weight?  How fantastic will it be when you  feel more in control around around food, no longer having to deprive yourself?  I usually work with you over a 5 session program, to ensure that you’ve established the strategies that you need to achieve your goal.  Get in touch and book a no-obligation discovery call.  Your freedom begins here.