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Transition from smoker to non-smoker with ease.  I use a hypnosis and a range of psychological therapies and techniques to help you to give up easily.








Almost given up on giving up?

No doubt you have already tried and failed to quit smoking several times.  Perhaps you may be skeptical that hypnotherapy can help you to be free of this habit.  I was 60-a-day smoker until 2001, I understand exactly how it is to feel completely and hopelessly controlled by cigarettes.  I used combinations of willpower, nicotine patches, a nicotine inhaler, and medication prescribed by my GP.  Again and again I tried to stop smoking and failed miserably each time. Having almost given up hope of ever being free of my smoking habit, I finally decided to see a hypnotherapist.  I was delighted and astounded with the results. In fact, so amazed that I trained as a hypnotherapist so that I could help others overcome their smoking habit.

You’ve remained a smoker because at some level you believe it helps you in some way.  Once you understand at both a conscious and an unconscious level that it does absolutely nothing for you, you will find it easy to stop.

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The Addiction Myth

You are not dependent on nicotine and you don’t need nicotine replacement products to give up. In 1994, Chief Exec’s, of the worlds tobacco companies swore to US Congress that they did not believe nicotine is addictive.  Ironically some of them are now making nicotine replacement products.  This is an industry worth £30 billion pounds which gets away with killing its customers.  They put a huge amount of effort into making you believe that you need nicotine.

Two out of three of smokers want to stop smoking, they don’t enjoy it anymore, so you are not alone. I understand this, I was once a 60-a-day smoker unable to function for even a few hours without my fix. A belief that was being reinforced by tobacco and nicotine replacement industries. In Jan 2001, out of complete desperation I visited a hypnotherapist to help me to quit my 18-year habit. From that day forward my subconscious was on my side.  I walked out of the room with NO DESIRE to smoke ever again, and NO CRAVINGS.


See Through The Lies

You probably started smoking at a much younger age because that’s what your peers were doing.  Perhaps you wanted to fit in, or appear more cool or sophisticated.  My guess is that you no longer smoke for the same reasons.  When we learn to drive, we don’t have to drive on every road in the country to become a proficient driver.  Our brain learns the rules of the road and generalises them so that we can drive anywhere.  Similarly your brain has likely taken that smoking habit and decided that it might help you relax, or take a break, or socialise etc.  and then encouraged this habit into other areas of your life.   

You continue to smoke because at some level (conscious or unconscious) you feel it helps you in some way.  Once you see through the lies cigarettes have been telling you, and understand they do nothing for you’ll realise that you don’t need to smoke or vape, and it will be easy to stop. 

Reasons To Stop Smoking


Your Health

According to ASH smoking accounts for around 96000 deaths in the UK per year.

Health issues associated with smoking include cancer, heart disease, emphysema and circulation problems.

Smoking ages you prematurely, increases your stress levels, and makes you smell.




Your Family

Children of smokers are three times more likely to become smokers than children of non-smokers. 

Babies and children exposed to second-hand smoke carry an increased risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (S.I.D.S), respiratory conditions, asthma, meningitis, coughs and colds.


Your Convenience

Now that smoking is banned in public places,  finding opportunities to smoke requires strategy and planning.

Standing outside in the rain, or cold to have a smoke is not enjoyable for most people.  Hanging out  in a smelly smoking shelter isn’t much fun either.   How good would it be to not have to endure that.




Your Wealth

The price of cigarettes continues to rise year on year.  Not only do smokers pay a ridiculous price, between 80% and 90% of the cost of a packet of cigarettes goes to the taxman.

A 20  cigarette per day habit currently costs around £4000 per year to fund with over £3000 of that going directly to the taxman



Time To Extinguish That Habit

What has smoking cost you so far?  Think not only in terms of the cost of the cigarettes or vapes, but also the cost to your time. health and energy levels?   How will you feel when you’re no longer a slave to nicotine?  How much more energy will you have?  You’ve always had the ability to enjoy life without this habit and it’s time to reclaim your birthright.  I do a 2hr stop smoking session and offera free follow up session if required.  

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