Fears & Phobias

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Got a fear or phobia?  I can help you overcome that overwhelming panicky response so that you can stay calm and in control.








Common Fears & Phobias

Spiders and Insects

Fears of spiders and insects are often learned at a young age from seeing someone else ‘freak out’.  The good news is they are usually very easy to overcome.  So whether you’re scared of spiders, wasps, daddy long legs, silverfish, or anything else, give me a call. 

Flying and Travelling

Not looking forward to your travels?  Fears in this category are often around heights, going over bridges, through tunnells, turbulence, terrorism, crashing, claustrophobia, not being able to get off, or simply not being the driver!  Let me help you stay calm whilst travelling.

Presentations, Exams and Interviews

This category of fears is the one which tends to hold us back the most.  It can stop us from performing well in all sorts of situations, affecting our career and prospects, whilst gradually eroding our confidence.  Often just one or two sessions can make a significant difference.

Medical Procedures

A fear of death, needles, blood, dentists, doctors and medical procedures can prevent us from undergoing timely regular check-ups and getting the help we need.  If we then end up becoming ill it can be doubly traumatising and stressful.

Overcoming Your Fears

I’ve worked with all kinds of fears ranging from a fear of buttons, to food phobias, to agoraphobia.  Please give me a call if I haven’t mentioned your problem.  Prices will vary depending on the initial session length and number of sessions required.  Some  fears and phobias can be dealt with in a single session whilst complex issues will require more.  I’ll discuss your issue with you, over the phone at the time of enquiry and give you an idea of pricing and sessions before you commence therapy.

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