Anxiety & Panic Disorders

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Tailored strategies to accelerate your freedom from undue anxiety, stress and depression, using hypnosis and a combination of psychological therapies, tools and techniques.








Anxiety & Panic Disorders

Anxiety is a natural response to stress, which we feel, when we perceive a threat to our well-being or survival.  That response is useful if we’re actually under threat and it can help us perform better in some situations.  If however you’re one of the many people who suffers from an anxiety or panic disorder such as Generalised Anxiety Disorder (GAD), Social Anxiety, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), Panic Attacks, or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), you will not find it all useful.  Sufferers of these types of anxiety and panic disorders will often find themselves dreading or avoiding situations which might bring on the anxiety, and may even experience physical ill health as a result of the disorder. 

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When low moods persist for long periods you may be suffering with depression.  Depression often goes hand in hand with anxiety and is sometimes triggered by a life-changing event such as bereavement, redundancy or even having a baby, whilst for some there is not an obvious trigger.  The therapy and coaching I offer can help you change the way you think about life and react to situations and even neutralise the negative emotions. 

If you’re suffering with depression it is important that you seek and follow medical advice.  A combined approach of medication, healthy lifestyle habits, therapy and coaching can be very powerful in recovering from depression.

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Helping you Find Your Peace

Is it time to start thinking outside the box?   Perhaps you’ve exhausted all the help that you can obtain on the NHS, and maybe even ventured into private counselling or other therapies without success. 

I use a multi-strategy approach which is tailored to the individual.  Consider placing everything you think you know about your problem in a sack, tying the top, and leave it outside the door of my office.  After all, if the answer lay within that sack you would have found it by now.  I will help you uncover and break through, the unconscious blocks that are keeping that anxiety going.

  This is a two way process so have an open mind for a very different experience.  Expect to be taught fast effective techniques which will accelerate your path to freedom from anxiety. 

Why consider this approach?

Medication isn't an option for you

If you don’t want to use medication, you can’t use medication, or medication hasn’t helped your anxiety then this is a natural option without adverse side-affects.  Medication eases the symptoms but does not address the cause.

Traditional therapies have not worked

Traditional therapies are aimed at the consious mind, but many people do not understand why they feel anxious.  I use therapies which are aimed at the unconscious mind so that we can identify the root cause and remove the emotion from it.

You want to be the master of your feelings

There is no one best way to overcome anxiety, we’re all different. I’ll devise a strategy to suit your individual needs and I’ll teach you the best techniques from a range of therapies and disciplines so you can find your way.  These techniques can be applied to any emotional state.

Solving Your Problem


Understand how physiology, breathing and internal representations maintain anxiety.  Discover how to manipulate the mental images, physical feelings, and the self-talk to transform the way you think and feel.

The Illusion

Let me help you see through the tricks that the mind plays on you.  Anxiety is always about something that might happen.  When you uncover anxiety for the illusion it is, you’ll be free to live in the present.

Building Resilience

Life throws challenges at us and as such it’s always good to be prepared.  Reconnect with, and build upon your strengths and resources, so that you can be confident of your ability to cope in any situation.

Letting Go of The Fear

There is a fear behind anxiety e.g.  a fear of not being good enough, a fear of losing control, a fear of failure, etc.  I will help you find the root cause of  that fear and let go of the negative emotions from that event.


Sleepless Nights?

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Do you need help to get a good nights sleep?  I offer hypnotherapy for Insomnia and Sleep issues, which are often as a result of stress and anxiety.   Download my FREE Sleep Well hypnosis track for a pleasant experience of hypnosis.


Resolve Your Anxiety

It might be difficult to imagine just how much better your life could be without excessive stress and anxiety, but perhaps you can think of all the ways in which stress and anxiety have held you back.  How has it affected your relationships?   Has it held you back in your career?   How many opportunities have you passed over because of this?  How would your life improve without this issue?

You are not your anxiety, it is not the cirumstances that you find yourself in, it is just a reaction to the thoughts you are having in the moment. You have the ability to take back control and this does not entail years of expensive therapy, in some cases just a couple of sessions are required.  The majority of my clients learn how to take back control within 5 sessions.

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