Alcohol & Drug Abuse

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Alcohol Abuse

Many people enjoy drinking alcohol, it can help them to relax and let go a little.  It is a drug – albeit a legal drug and it’s a very popular drug.  For some people that habit of relaxing or letting go with alcohol can become a little too ingrained.  It might be that relaxing or de-stressing in the evening with a few beers or a bottle of wine has become the norm, waking up the following day feeling a bit hungover and tired.  For others perhaps a night out involves binging on more alcohol than their body can cope with, leading to embarrassing or even dangerous consequences.  We’re bombarded with adverts for alcohol which have popularised it, and made it much more acceptable to drink any time, anywhere, whilst giving minimal warning about the dangers of drinking too much.

I too have leaned very heavily on alcohol in the past.  Initially I drank to give me confidence as I suffered with social anxiety when I was younger.  I no longer suffer with social anxiety, however despite this alcohol has played a prominent part of my life for many years.  The way I socialise and connect with friends has pretty much revolved around alcohol, and it’s been a popular way for me to unwind after a busy day.  I loved drinking alcohol, and deliberately ignored the fact that it made me gain weight and stole my energy.  I got trapped in a cycle of prolongued periods of extreme dieting and brutal exercise routines whilst continuing to drink, only to injure myself and pile the weight back on again.  I chose not to think about the damaging effects on my body and the potential consequences to my health.  When a male friend complimented me “You’re the best female drinker I know, in fact you’re better than most men”,  I was aghast.  That little comment really stuck with me and I realised ‘Best female drinker’ was not a title I wanted to hold.  I felt quite ashamed of myself.  I like to ”walk my talk’ and having helped so many people see through the dogma and change their drinking habits, I knew I should know better.   In July 2021 I finally made decision to stop drinking alcohol for good.  I applied my techniques to my own belief systems and habits, making it very easy for myself.  I’ve enjoyed my first birthday, Christmas, New Year and even a holiday, alcohol free AND craving free.  It’s truly liberating, I haven’t looked back.  And in case you’re wondering, YES I  still enjoy spending time in the company of friends when they’re drinking without feeling like I’m missing out.

Whether you’re looking to moderate your drinking or stop drinking completely, I can help you take back control around alcohol.  Book a discovery call to find out  more about my bespoke 1 to 1, confidential, non-judgmental sessions.

Drug Abuse

Often when people take recreational drugs for the first time, they have a very pleasant experience.  Over time they might experiment with different drugs, different quantities and different drug combinations, before they realise they have a problem.  For some inappropriate drug use might have began with a genuine medical reason to use a drug e.g codeine for pain, but the habitual drug use is still there even though the issue has long gone.

Just as it is with alcohol, we can develop many unhelpful beliefs around drugs leading us to believe that we can’t enjoy life without them, or that we won’t be able to cope without them.  The compulsion to use drugs can become so strong that it can feel as though we have no control and can sometimes lead to other undesirable habits and behaviours.  The damaging belief systems that keep us locked into the habit are simply not true.  Beliefs are not set in stone, they can be changed, and people just like you, can and do, change their beliefs, transform their lives and overcome destructive habits.  

Typical reasons why people might enlist my help are: physical health concerns; mental health concerns e.g. experiencing anxiety or paranoia; financial concerns; relationship or family issues; or because its affecting their career or business.  Some clients will have had traumatic past experiences, or have anxiety, confidence or self-worth issues contributing to the problem, which we work on as part of the program.  My clients come from all walks of life.  In my experience anyone can find themselves with alcohol or drug issues regardless of their age, gender, race or income bracket.  Anything we do repeatedly becomes a habit and habits can be very compelling.  Once a habit is installed you don’t have to think to do it consciously it becomes a natural part of what you do.

I can help you find your way out of the drug trap.  My programs are 1 to 1, confidential, non-judgmental and tailored to you.  Book a discovery call to find out  more.




Solving Your Problem

Whatever your reasons for beginning to use the substance, your brain took that habit on for you so you don’t have to think about it anymore.  In time your brain may have generalised that behaviour, taking it into other situations  e.g. when you’re bored or stressed, leacing you feling out of control.   I can help you find healthier more appropriate ways to achieve any positive intention behind the habit.

You have a lifetime of experience of changing habits and this is just another habit that you can change.  You once crawled to get around but then you became motivated to learn to walk, you kept pushing yourself up until eventually you could stand.  Gradually you began to take steps, stumbling sometimes and getting back up again.  Eventually your habit of walking was established, you still know how to crawl but you choose to walk instead because walking is so much more effective than crawling. 

The human brain is amazing and adaptive.  We can speed up the process of change by use of hypnosis and other psychological tools and techniques to create new neural pathways in the brain.  

Breaking The Chains


Every habit is initiated by a trigger and results in a reward.   We identify the triggers  (people, places, times, emotions, events) and install alternative behaviours that are at least as immediate, satisfying and rewarding.


Cravings may have seemed unbearable in the past, and thwarted your efforts to become free of the drug or alcohol trap.  I will teach you quick and effective ways to easily manage cravings and emotional states so that you stay on track.

Values & Beliefs

Your values and beliefs shape your identity and influence the way you think and behave.  We’ll tweak your values and change the limiting beliefs that are keeping you trapped in your habit, removing the psychological blocks to your success.


Human beings have physical needs e.g the need to eat, shelter, etc., and also emotional needs e.g. being part of a wider community, attention, meaning and purpose. I’ll coach you towards getting these needs met so that you can thrive.

Be Naturally High On Life

Whatever the substance that you’re using, one thing I know is that you either use it to get a good feeling or to avoid a bad feeling.  You have the natural ability to change the way you feel at any time without that substance.  

How elated will you feel when you know that you’ve put this problem behind you?  How good will your life be when you’ve overcome this problem?  How will your work, relationships,, health and finances be enhanced?  You are so much more and are capable of so much more than you can ever dream.  This is a two way process so have an open mind for a very different experience.  Expect to be taught fast effective techniques which will accelerate your path to freedom.  I’m here for you whenever you’re ready.