Gambling Addiction

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Gambling Addiction


Gambling addiction can seem like a very big hole to climb out of, particularly if you’ve run up large debts, or you’re hiding the problem from family and friends.   I use a range of psychological tools and techniques that will empower you to take back control and stop gambling for good.  Now you might think that these psychological tools and techniques can’t work for you, but  I want you to consider how you became interested in gambling in the first place.  The gambling industry use psychological techniques to keep you in a trance so that you spend your money with them you can read more about this in my blog The Hypnotic Lure of Gambling

If the fun has stopped and you can’t stop, book a discovery call.

Is it Time To Cut Your Losses?


Gambling is much more accessible to us now and very acceptable within society: we can buy lottery tickets and scratchcards in the local shop; play online casino games on our phones and laptops; play the fruit machine or quiz machine in the local pub; visit casinos for nights out; have a day at the races; bet on our favourite sport; play fixed odds betting machines in the bookies; attend bingo halls or play bingo online, etc.  So much temptation for the compulsive gambler.

I will help you think differently about gambling so that you no longer want to gamble and are empowered to take back control of your life.  We’ll break the break the habits, and change the beliefs that are keeping you in the gambling trap.

This is a two way process so have an open mind for a very different experience.  Expect to be taught fast effective techniques which will accelerate your path to freedom.

Reclaiming Your Freedom


There are certain situations which trigger the compulsion to gamble.  We’ll identify these and change your response so that you do something more useful and at least as satisfying to you.


You may not have been able to resist the compulsion to gamble in the past.   I’ll teach you quick and effective ways to easily manage compulsions and  emotional states so that you remain in control.

Values and Beliefs

 Your values and beliefs influence your behaviours.  We’ll refine your values and change those limiting beliefs that are at the root of your gambling habit, removing the psychological blocks from your path to freedom.


You may feel that your circumstances are beyond help, but you can turn things around.  I’ll  get you focused on how you want to be in the future, and get you motivated to achieve your goals.

Be a Winner

How will your life be better without gambling?  How will it enhance your productivity, your relationships and your finances?  The only winners in the gambling industry are the huge corporations that are taking your money from you.  I can help you to stop gambling your life away.

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