Bad Habits

Your freedom begins here


Break free from those unwanted. habitual behaviours and responses.








Stop Smoking

Make it easy to gain your freedom from the habit of smoking or vaping

Alcohol & Drug Abuse

Tailored strategies to accelerate your freedom from drug and alcohol abuse.

Problem Gambling

Overcome a compulsion to gamble and take back control of your life.

Other Habits

From nail-biting to hairpulling, I can help you  break those unwanted habits.

Breaking Habits

I can help you break your unwanted, habitual behaviours and responses.  The kinds of things I can work with are: Anger Management, Bedwetting, Blushing, Nail Biting, Procrastination, Skin Picking, and Trichotillamania.  

There are also other addictive behaviours I can help you with e.g. porn addiction, social media addiction etc.

Please give me a call if I haven’t mentioned your problem.  Prices will vary depending on the initial session length and number of sessions required.  Many smaller habits can be dealt with in a single session, although more complex issues will be dealt with over a 5 session program.  I will discuss your issue with you at the time of enquiry and give you an idea of pricing and sessions so you can make an informed decision.  

Get in touch and book a no-obligation discovery call.  Your freedom begins here.