If you have an unwanted habit or problem that you’re really struggling with, I’d like to invite you to imagine that in front of you is a big bag or sack. Now I want you to imagine putting into that bag, that problem of yours. Along with that problem, put into that bag: all of your ideas about it; all the reasons why you have that problem; all the excuses you give yourself as to why you behave, or think in that way; put in that bag everything that you think is directly or indirectly the cause of the problem, or the reason you can’t solve it. Now tie that bag up, put it to one side, because if the answer lay in that bag, you would have found it by now.
When you listen to someone or you read about something, you usually do so to agree or disagree. Today I’d like you to begin to listen and read in a new way, to be curious… because you might hear something, or read something that you previously you might have disagreed with. Let you mind be curious. Let it be open to other possibilities, a possibility that you’ve been wrong about something, or that there is something about your problem that you didn’t understand before. You see it’s not what you know that is likely to help you, it’s what you don’t know.