I’d like to ask you “What is your favourite film, and why?” My favourite film is The Wizard of Oz, it had me spellbound as a child, I watched it on TV every Christmas and it was a real treat in the 1970’s when there was really very little to watch for a child.
I love the way the film takes you from a dull, mundane Kansas, to the gloriously exciting Oz, by going from a sepia picture to a colour picture. Even the sounds in Kansas, the voices, the howling winds, are hostile, yet in Oz it’s singing and giggling. It’s almost like a dream or a hypnotic trance that you as a viewer escapes into, from the humdrum, everyday world.
It’s so clever the way Dorothy’s new friends are the familiar people in her life. Who hasn’t had a dream where someone you know has turned up in it.
To help my clients achieve their outcomes, I often get my clients to change the way they represent their problem in pictures, sounds and feelings by turning the colours up or down, or changing the tone of the sound. Very often I take people on a guided journey, I remain quite vague so they can fill in the detail with their own imagination, and sometimes I might get them to imagine that someone special from their past or present is there with a message that will be helpful to them.
What I especially like is where at the end of the film, the good witch Glinda tells Dorothy that she’s had the power to return herself home all along, she just didn’t know it. I believe in my clients and their ability to change. It’s a fantastic feeling when my clients discover their own resources and realise their inner power.