Hypnotherapy In Coventry

Dawn Rowley has 10 years of experience helping people change their habits, overcome anxieties and achieve their goals. Contact her now to see how she can help you.


“I would be honoured to help you overcome your challenges and discover what you’re really capable of.  Send me a message or give me a call and we’ll have a no-obligation chat.”


Here are just some of the things I can help you with.

Habit Breaking

Expert help to break free from persistent, unwanted and undesirable habits that are holding you back in life


Anxiety, Panic and Stress

Tailored strategies to accelerate your freedom from anxious or unresourceful thoughts and feelings


Weight Management

Strategies to assist you in achieving and maintaining a healthy body weight through diet and exercise


Personal Development

Change limiting beliefs.  Gain the confidence, motivation and focus that you need to achieve your goals

The Power Of Hypnosis


Hypnotherapy vs. Traditional Therapies

You could think of the mind as having two parts, the conscious, and the subconscious.  Traditional therapies can be quite lengthy as they work with the conscious mind and focus on helping you to understand why you think and behave in certain ways and use those cognitions to change your behaviour.  When we use hypnosis we work directly with the subconscious and can therefore get to the root of the issue more rapidly, change perceptions and install new behaviours.  That doesn’t mean I’m not a fan of traditional therapies because they certainly can be very effective, in fact I often combine approaches from disciplines such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy with hypnosis to ensure that I work in the fastest and most effective way with you.

The Computer Analogy

The conscious and subconscious mind could be likened to a computer.  The conscious mind being the monitor and keyboard, and the subconscious mind the hard drive.  The conscious mind is receiving data input from the world around us: what we can see, hear, touch, smell and taste, bringing it into our conciousness – just like we might input data into a computer using the keyboard and see it displayed on the monitor.  It can only represent a few things at a time, just like you would open the relevant documents you need to see at any given moment on your computer.  The subconscious mind stores all the memories and the programs relating to everything we’ve learned.  All our beliefs are tied in with the memories and all our habits and behaviours stored as little programs.  The subconscious mind is a bit like the hard drive of the computer which contains all the files and software programs that we have installed and saved.  To make a change to a computer program, we need to access a programming environment and communicate in a language that the computer understands.  Hypnosis provides the programming environment for the mind, and hypnotherapy speaks the language of the subconsious mind.  


The Language of The Subconscious

Hypnosis is a very natural state similar to dreaming, only you’re awake.  When we sleep at night, we have periods of REM sleep where we dream.  I believe that what happens when we dream is that our mind is processing the events of the day, looking for solutions to our problems, learning what it needs to learn and filing the rest away.  The subconscious always wants to help you find solutions, problem behaviour is often a solution to another problem, like smoking to fit in when you’re a teenager.   When dreaming our subconscious uses metaphors and symbols that our conscious mind doesn’t always understand. The conscious mind is very rational and logical it understands words and their meanings to us.  The subconscious mind is very creative, and emotional.  The language of the subconscious is symbols, pictures, sounds and feelings.  It doesn’t understand negation.  If I say to you “Don’t think of a blue hippo wearing a pink tutu.”   What happens?  You think of a blue hippo wearing a pink tutu, you form a picture of it in your mind.  Because there is no such thing as Not hippo wearing a blue tutu, only nothing.  Just as you can’t get a Not tree, you can have a tree or nothing at all.   When clients come to me and I ask what their goal is they usually say things like “I don’t want to smoke anymore” or “I don’t want to feel anxious”.  What they’re doing in their head is sending an instruction to the subconscious to say I want to smoke or I want to feel anxious.   As a hypnotherapist I use words and metaphors to invoke a wonderful dream-like, symbol rich, sensory experience in my clients’ imagination, focusing on how they really want to be e.g. fit and healthy or calm and relaxed.  This creates a powerful instruction to the subconscious asking it to the right solution for them, to achieve their goal. 


Reprogramming New Habits

Hypnosis is a state of very focused concentration which is perfect for learning.   In this state we can also use hypnosis to mentally rehearse ourselves behaving differently.  A habit is really like a map, we make the map once and then follow it over and over again.  After sometime it becomes an automatic program in the brain.  The brain doesn’t really know the difference between what is real and what is imagined.  Using hypnosis we can create a new map and follow the map in our imagination over and over again until it becomes the preferred route and the new automatic program.

What is Hypnosis Like?

There are many ways to achieve a hypnotic state but generally it involves you following a set of simple instructions.  You are free to choose whether or not you follow those instructions, so it’s not mind control.  You will be aware of what is happening and you will be an active participant in the process.  Think of me more as a tour guide taking you on a mini-excursion.  Most often I will guide you into a relaxed hypnotic state, sometimes I will work with you in an active and alert hypnotic state, but always it is enjoyable.

My Philosophy And Approach


If you are suffering with unwanted thoughts, feelings or behaviours, or even just feeling stuck, I can help.   If willpower, self-talk, self-help books, medication, or talking therapies, haven’t worked for you, or don’t appeal to you, then look no further… I offer a fresh approach.

The service I offer is really unique in that I mix together a number of pretty amazing, rapid, cutting edge, therapies and techniques (including Hypnotherapy, Eye Movement Therapy, Neuro-linguistic Programming, and Meridian Tapping) to bring about a very rapid change. 

I appreciate that you may have had your issue for a very long time, and maybe you’re sceptical as to whether or not I can help you. Most of my clients require between just 1 and 5 sessions, for a huge change in the way they think, feel, or behave. I’ll discuss prices and the number of sessions I estimate you’ll need for your issue at the time of enquiry. Given the benefits you will gain from overcoming your problem I’m confident that my rates are so reasonable that you’ll wonder why you didn’t come to see me sooner. Don’t just take my word for it see what my clients say. Read some of the many positive testimonials here on this site that my clients have given on Facebook and Google about my services, then get the ball rolling and give me a call.

My Story

I first became fascinated by hypnosis in 2001, when I decided to try hypnotherapy to kick my 60-a-day smoking habit. I walked away from that hypnosis session with absolutely NO desire to smoke ever again.

This experience impacted positively on many areas of my life, and made such an impression on me that I decided to train as a hypnotherapist. Since then, I have continued my personal journey with hypnotherapy: overcoming PTSD arising from childhood traumas; social anxiety; overcoming a fear of heights; and a phobia of spiders.

Over the years I’ve added many therapeutic and coaching disciplines to my toolkit. I continue to research and learn new skills and I’m dedicated to helping others find their path to freedom. There is nothing that gives me more satisfaction than the way a clients face lights up when they realise they have achieved the change they wanted.

I’d love to help!


  • There is a reason all of Dawn’s reviews are 5*. I wish I could give her more.
    After a steady downward spiral I found I could no longer cope and was experiencing anxiety affecting both my work and home life. I thought this was going to be a permanent way of life. The thought of that filled me with dread and therefore I searched for hypnotherapy online.
    From the first phone call Dawn made me well aware that this could be resolved and that she could help. The instant relief and optimism I felt was indescribable.
    Days later I had my first session and we covered what I though was the issue. With Dawn’s techniques we explored and dealt with the issues identified… and deeper issues which I didn’t know were the cause!
    A few days later I had a meltdown at home regarding an upcoming event. Dawn was understanding and went out of...
    read more

    Natalie Ford Avatar
    Natalie Ford

    Since seeing Dawn for weight management hypnotherapy I have lost a steady 1-2lbs each week. The calm reassurance that it is possible to make changes and the positive outlook that I felt after the appointment have made such a difference to me. Thank you Dawn.

    Lynne Marian Avatar
    Lynne Marian

    I recently received Hypnotherapy treatment from Dawn for anxiety panic attacks relating to having my blood pressure taken. I discovered this was related to a past traumatic time in my life which we worked through during my session. After only one session I have managed to have my blood pressure taken at my GP surgery and have a normal reading with no anxiety at all. This is literally life changing for me and I cannot thank Dawn enough.

    Lynne E.
  • I was smoking from the age of 16 and went to see Dawn when I was 51 to help me stop smoking I had 2 sessions with dawn and stopped smoking it's been been 3 years now I haven't had a cigarette . Highly recommend Dawn.
    Kulvinder kandola.

    kalvinder kandola Avatar
    kalvinder kandola

    Highly recommended to anyone with anxiety and other problems, hypnosis sessions carried out by Dawn helped me to re organize thoughts and to chill out in general, visualization techniques are also very interesting. Great service

    Franek Kimono Avatar
    Franek Kimono

    After struggling for a very long time with severe anxiety, frequent panic attacks and globus sensation which resulted me in not eating solid foods as I had the fear of choking on anything I ate, I researched into hypnotherapy as a last resort where I came across dawn. After reading her previous reviews I decided to give her a go. Yesterday I visited dawn for a 2 hour anxiety related hypnotherapy session, I can honestly say it’s the best thing I have ever invested my money and time into, I walked away from the session feeling a complete new person. My whole anxiety issues are now resolved and I am now back to eating solid foods and living my life as normal. I can not thank dawn enough for her expertise and the session she gave me. I would highly recommend anyone relating to any form or anxiety or mental... read more

    Hayley Jeavons Avatar
    Hayley Jeavons
  • I was a smoker for 25 years , it was really getting me down after becoming a father , i had to stop , i had tried all the usual methods including Patches , gum and other hypnosis so called experts , nothing worked. But I gave Dawn a try and yes things like this are expensive , but 6 months later I still haven't had a cigarette , I have blasted the VAP occasionally granted , but so far I have saved over £1000.00 in 6 months , it does work .if you feel you need to stop but cant then see Dawn.

    Jevon Pidge Avatar
    Jevon Pidge

    If you are having issues with low self esteem I recommend Dawn she can lead you back to self love and acceptance.
    Thank you for helping me heal from the fear of the unknown and rejection.
    I can now say confidently, that the future is bright😀

    Felicia Mensah Avatar
    Felicia Mensah

    I had a fantastic visit with Dawn.
    I was a little apprehensive before hand but Dawn instantly makes you feel at ease, really empathises with you and your reasons for your visit and ensures you feel confident that the visit has made a difference before you leave the door.
    Dawn was able to suggest, during our
    phone consultation, that I would feel much better after just one visit and this was reiterated after our session, meaning I knew exactly what the costs would be and I really felt from the length and benefits of the session that it was worth every penny.
    I would very highly recommended Dawn and cannot thank her enough for her time.

    Emma Beasley Avatar
    Emma Beasley
  • I’ve grew up thinking I’m a fussy eater but I was informed it’s a selective eating disorder. I had a phobia of new foods & textures which has affected me since I was a child. Dawn has changed my life as I’m now trying new foods without questioning myself if I’m going to be sick etc. Thank you so much for everything in our session, i have recommended Dawn to everyone I know and will continue to do so. Thank you from the bottom of my heart 🙏🏼

    Jessy-Lee Barnett Avatar
    Jessy-Lee Barnett

    Cannot begin to thank Dawn enough for what she’s done for me so far over my last 2 appointments, I can’t recommend her enough !

    More changes have happened with her in a week than i’ve had in about 10 years been passed from pillar to post by the doctors 🤷🏼‍♂️

    Liam Tayler Reece Walker Avatar
    Liam Tayler Reece Walker

    After Losing my Farther under traumatic circumstances I was diagnosed with PTSD by my Doctor. From that point, I found myself in a downward spiral. With Stress and Anxiety added to the mix I was at the point of breakdown when I met Dawn.
    As a typical Alpha Male I’ve always considered myself Bomb proof and found it difficult to show anything that would be considered a weakness, I would certainly never ask for help.
    In a short space of time Dawn Rowley not only helped remove and take apart my issues but also gave me the tools and advise to help for the future. Dawn helped me come to terms with passing of my Father and changed my mindset to recognise my limitations. It goes without saying that I would HIGHLY Recommend Dawn Rowley.

    Craig Duthie Avatar
    Craig Duthie
  • Dawn has been recommended to me as I had some insomnia.
    She has been able to find the root causes of my issue and gave me some useful tips to be able to do some auto-hypnosis when needed.
    Now it is my turn to recommend her without any doubt.
    Thank you Dawn !!

    William Poliet Magic Avatar
    William Poliet Magic

    Dawn is an experienced hypnotherapist who knows well how to support her clients to achieve their goals. She is able to help you identify root causes and will do the extra miles to provide you the best experience. Very professional, I definitely recommend her. Thank you Dawn!

    Bérangère Cazaux Avatar
    Bérangère Cazaux

    Dawn was brilliant, after suffering with anxiety and panic attacks for years, her techniques have gave me the satisfaction to enjoy life anxiety free, very professional and very caring, can’t thank her enough! 👍

    Sean Thompson Avatar
    Sean Thompson
  • Dawn has helped me immensely with overcoming anxiety and stress, she is very easy to talk to and gets to the problem right away, I would highly recommend her services.

    bryn chester Avatar
    bryn chester

    Great experience one session has done wonders for me already going to change my life thank you

    Tom K Avatar
    Tom K

    I had quit smoking hypnotherapy with Dawn and I am extremely delighted to finally be able to say I quit after 1 session!! It has been an easy transition to becoming a non smoker thanks to Dawn and her therapy style. I genuinely thought before seeing Dawn quitting smoking was really difficult and I'd never be able to do it. Hypnotherapy made it so much easier and for that i am so grateful. Dawn was so nice and I really appreciated the extra time you gave me. I have already recommended you to my family and friends. If you want to quit smoking then I highly suggest trying hypnotherapy with Dawn, it is life changing. Thank you so much Dawn, you are a fantastic hypnotherapist and I wish you all the best.

    Mariam K Avatar
    Mariam K
  • Booked an appointment with Dawn because 2 family members have had great success with her. She’s very calming, easy to talk to and she gets to the root of your problem very quickly. It was like sitting with a friend! I’m looking forward to the next session!

    Tracey Lake Avatar
    Tracey Lake

    After only 1 session with Dawn my life has changed.
    I had built up a lot of anxiety around eating, I know know the techniques that help to relieve that.
    For the first time in a very long time. I am now enjoying sitting down to eat nutritious food, but most importantly enjoying and savouring every mouthful.
    Thankyou, Dawn Rowley

    Elizabeth Palmer Smith Avatar
    Elizabeth Palmer Smith

    Dawn is professional, knowledgeable and committed to helping you with any problems or issues that you may be experiencing. I have been having regular sessions with Dawn, who also sends audio links to enable you to practice at home between appointments and continues to send once treatment is completed. I would highly recommend Dawn to anyone.

    Claire Handley Avatar
    Claire Handley
  • Dawn is kind and professional and goes right to the heart of what needs fixing. I felt a huge relief after I left her office. The effect it has had on me is unbelievable, as I am now so much more confident, assertive and focused. Dawn was incredible and without any doubt would highly recommend her to others.

    Valentina Radu Avatar
    Valentina Radu

    So happy that I went to see Dawn, I went for weight loss and she was brilliant!! I've lost nearly a stone over the last few weeks, and inches. Dawn is so down to earth, made me feel very relaxed. Easy to talk to. 10 out of 10 !!!! Thank you

    Yvonne Omara Avatar
    Yvonne Omara

    Dawn has helped tremendously with my stress and anxiety management. Her treatment and methodology is excellent and above all, Dawn is a very caring person who is committed to helping you with any problems or issues that you may be having. I have been having regular sessions with Dawn, who also sends audio links to enable you to practice at home between appointments. I would thoroughly recommend Dawn to anyone.

    Gary Skraga Avatar
    Gary Skraga
  • Dawn is a legend I was drinking up too 2 bottles of whiskey day ... life saver .

    Keith Phillips Avatar
    Keith Phillips

    Absolutely amazing service dawn really knows what she is on about and the help has been amazing 5 star service from start to finish really recommend! Thanks Dawn

    jim jones COV Avatar
    jim jones COV

    Highly recommend Dawn to help with breaking habits, i frequently found myself unable to break a cycle of anger and low mood. After visiting Dawn ive learnt great ways at managing my anger and breaking the downward spiral i was on.

    Russell Mcilwain Avatar
    Russell Mcilwain
  • I took the plunge as a final resort to quit smoking using Hypnotherapy, needless to say I was very skeptical.

    I was smoking for 12 years and tried everything on the market, I was even smoking and vaping at the same time.

    After searching the internet I luckily found Dawn, with only one session I stopped the smoking and vaping. I was amazed and will be forever thankful.

    110% recommend Dawn!!!

    Ravi Kumar Avatar
    Ravi Kumar

    I had four sessions with dawn and the outcome was beyond what I expected went into the first session with no idea about hypnotherapy and now I would recommend it to anyone with anxiety. I’ve tried different types of therapy in the past and none helped but after a couple sessions with Dawn I’ve never felt so at peace. I can’t thank her enough!

    Jasmin Bains Avatar
    Jasmin Bains

    Would never have thought that Dawn could stop my anxiety.But after two sessions I feel very calm and have inner peace I haven't had for years.
    Dawn is very professional but also makes you feel at ease during the sessions.
    Can not thank her enough.
    I'm now in a place I'd never thought I'd be.looking forward to a future anxiety free.??

    Tracy Melichar Avatar
    Tracy Melichar
  • When I went to see Dawn, I knew what behaviour I didn’t want but was stuck on how to move forward or indeed how to change it. Dawn is great at applying her knowledge & expertise. Often it’s deeper than changing a behaviour, it’s the ‘why’ which can be deep rooted (at least for me). Dawn is skilled at helping you identify this issue, even if it’s at a deeper level, and then helps eliminate that issue to help then change the behaviour. I’ve been to see Dawn twice now to change two different types of behaviours that didn’t serve me well and on both occasions she didn’t disappoint & even I was surprised at what was unearthed. Highly recommend to anyone who’s feeling ‘stuck’ and needs a knowledgeable therapist with great effective techniques to help you move forward with your life. My only regret is I never knew of... read more

    Gurdip Kaur Avatar
    Gurdip Kaur

    I went to Dawn with an awful lot of issues and after about 5 sessions they've been practically wiped away! Naturally I need to follow her exercises and continue to reinforce a positive mental attitude, but I wouldn't have been able to do it without Dawn...Highly recommended!!!!

    serpenthydra Avatar

    Dawn made me feel at ease straight away and listened and understood exactly what I was going through.Over the course of five sessions I have learnt a lot of techniques to control my anxiety and anxious thoughts.I woud recommend Dawn to anyone who has been suffering from any form of anxietyExcellent

    The Art and Design Room Challenge Avatar
    The Art and Design Room Challenge
  • I am really happy with the rewarding sessions from Dawn. She was understanding, helpful and is amazing at her job. I would highly recommend! 🙂

    Bob Bob Avatar
    Bob Bob

    I am truly grateful for Dawn’s support and service. I was an anxiety sufferer for 6 years before I reached out to Dawn for help. I was sceptical at first, however I was amazed after a few days realising my anxiety had gone, I was sleeping through the night and small things stopped bothering me. I have recommended Dawn to family and the results have been positive.
    Dawn puts the client first and is very friendly and approachable. The environment created is a place where you can open up, feel safe and speak with her in confidence about your concerns.

    N K Avatar
    N K

    Dawn was perfect! Really helped with social and general anxiety disorder and gave me lots of information and things I could do at home to help. Highly recommend!

    Ash Brown Avatar
    Ash Brown
  • Great service, really helpful for anxiety and panic attacks. Dawn really helped me, and is very experienced in the hypnotherapy field and I would definitely recommend Dawn to anyone! I've seen a few hypnotherapists that hadn't helped much but Dawn really helped.

    Alex Instagram Avatar
    Alex Instagram

    Great helped me look at things at different angles, great techniques

    Oli W Avatar
    Oli W

    Having just been diagnosed with a life limiting and incurable illness, I was struggling with extreme emotional stress. Whilst I had been referred for counselling, I had been warned that the waiting time was long and I new I needed help right away. In desperation, I looked for other help and found Dawn's web-site. I called her and explained my situation (I was very emotional). I found Dawn to be immediately and genuinely caring and empathetic, whilst still professional. She listened to me, assured me that she thought she would be able to help with my emotional state (I was feeling afraid, guilty, angry... so many things that I couldn't process or accept the diagnosis). Dawn was genuinely concerned for me and re-arranged her appointments to see me that day. I visited Daw for a total of 3 times, during each session, she used... read more

    Chris Mellors Avatar
    Chris Mellors
  • Dawn is clearly the most comprehensive experienced/qualified practitioner. I had a problem. She talked to me. Then she spoke to my subconscious mind which revealed what the REAL problems were behind my behaviour, and with her professional skills they were resolved. Wonderful. I thoroughly recommend her services to you. John M

    Michael Maher Avatar
    Michael Maher

    Dawn Rowley is a true professional. English is not my first language and I was a bit sceptical using her services, but now 3 sessions later I wish I've started seeing her earlier. I feel more comfortable and happier after meeting this lady. I recommend her highly.

    Inga Ingute Avatar
    Inga Ingute

    My session with Dawn was relaxing, educational and has achieved its ultimate aim as I have not smoked since leaving her office. It’s not been easy but in addition to hypnotherapy, Dawn showed me a number of techniques to distract from the physical cravings whilst the hypnosis has effectively stopped me lighting up. Thanks Dawn!

    Lisa Lala Kelsall Avatar
    Lisa Lala Kelsall
  • After suffering with anxiety for most my life and substance abuse issues I was skeptical but thought of giving Hypnotherapy a go (tried CBT and counselling both helped but nothing in comparison).

    As soon as I met Dawn I knew immediately how caring, genuine and helpful she is. Her attitude towards me really helped as for me she's not afraid to have a laugh and felt I could be myself straight away, definitely creates a very comfortable and playful environment.

    For the first time in a very long time that I'm feeling light, excited and looking forward to the road ahead. Can never thank you enough!! x

    Harry Huggins Avatar
    Harry Huggins

    Fabulous service. I used Dawn to stop smoking. I went in being a 40 a day smoker for the last 25+ years and left (fags in bag) a non smoker.
    I am amazed. It’s only been a few weeks so far but I am amazed

    Kirsty Beecroft Avatar
    Kirsty Beecroft

    Dawn is amazing. It’s been a year since I saw her. I’d always been sceptical of hypnotherapy as to its true effectiveness. However, having tried to deal with it myself I resorted in trying hypnotherapy to fix my issue as a last resort. Dawn made me feel at ease and the room generally felt relaxing. Even in the session I still had my doubts as to whether it would work for me, due to my scepticism. How wrong was I?!! My issue was fixed at the time and what previously was affecting me on a daily basis just seemed like a distant memory. What Dawn managed to do for me truly turned my life around for the better and I thank her so much for that.

    Darryl Martin Avatar
    Darryl Martin
  • Dawn was fantastic.

    Dawn has helped me to completely stop a habit that I have had for 20 years and which was actually killing me.

    I am probably the least receptive person for this type of therapy and had no idea what to expect.

    I wish I had seen Dawn years earlier.

    Richard Myers Avatar
    Richard Myers

    Dawn has been excellent in helping me to overcome my social anxiety. I was very nervous to begin with but Dawn made me feel relaxed from the outset and has been so supportive.

    Before seeing Dawn I felt that being anxious was something I would just have to live with, but Dawn has shown me that’s not the case. I now feel comfortable and confident going into social situations which I would have dreaded before. I would highly recommend seeing Dawn to anyone who suffers from anxiety.

    Thank you so much for all your help Dawn.

    Daniel Bonsor Avatar
    Daniel Bonsor

    Dawn was great, she is really welcoming and utilises every minute of the session and gave me some useful tips to take away with me. I would highly recommend her services! Thank you

    Lucy Worthington Avatar
    Lucy Worthington
  • Dawn was great, she is really welcoming and utilises every minute of the session and gave me some useful tips to take away with me. I would highly recommend her services! Thank you

    Lucy Worthington Avatar
    Lucy Worthington

    I've suffered with anxiety and social anxiety for many years and have had various forms of counselling and although they have been of some benefit the anxiety would always come back. So I thought I would give hypnotherapy a go and I was a little sceptical at first but it has really had a huge impact on my day to day life. Dawn is very friendly, highly experienced and has helped me so much.

    Ryan Quist Avatar
    Ryan Quist

    Thank you for seeing my mum yesterday, yet again she’s like a new women! We’re so so grateful for what you’ve done for her ❤️

    Matt Tall Avatar
    Matt Tall
  • From our initial first call to the actual process itself Dawn was fantastic from start to finish.I was very skeptical about the whole thing but was very surprised when it cured a huge problem i had been having for around 6 months. Dawn is a credit to her proffesion and the work that she does really does change lives.Thanks for everything Dawn!

    Kieran J Avatar
    Kieran J

    I took my young daughter to see Dawn for help, regarding an anxiety related condition. Dawn was very approachable, knowledgeable, reassuring and friendly. If you are considering trying hypnotherapy, then I would strongly recommend you use Dawn. You won't be disappointed.

    Elizabeth Kendall Avatar
    Elizabeth Kendall

    I would recomment Dawn she understand and the best what she doing and she know what doing too. She show and tell you what is going with you can see yourself in the full picture. Big Thank you to you Dawn

    Rattanawan James Avatar
    Rattanawan James
  • I have never engaged in hypnotherapy or any sort of non medical treatment before but having been a smoker for 20 years and wanting as much help as possible to stop, I thought I’d give it a go.
    Dawn is incredibly warm and calming and put me at ease as soon as I arrived.
    Admittedly I was sceptical throughout the session but I enjoyed the relaxation anyway. It’s not often you get to sit still for 2 hours and focus so very deeply on your own thoughts.
    Few days later and still no smoking - it felt weird and novel! Few days after that and I literally cannot recognise my ‘smoking self’. I have no cravings, no urges....nothing! I’ve challenged myself being around smokers and drinking (a trigger for me) but my non smoking felt as natural as my previous habit. Just fantastic and completely life changing. Highly recommend Dawn for many things...
    read more

    Carrie Mauchlen Avatar
    Carrie Mauchlen

    I am writing this review after having my second appointment with Dawn. Quite frankly I wasn't sure that hypnosis is my cup of tea and more importantly I am not British so I thought the language barrier might be a big problem but I was so tired of my anxiety so I thought why not. Well my skeptical me was proven wrong- it's nothing like in the movies and you are not asleep or quacking like a chicken. I was aware of what's going on and it's just easier to realize what is setting you back. I felt tremendously better after the first session.
    I want to say a BIG Thank you to Dawn!
    She is absolutely fab to work with, she provides you with all the information beforehand and I must say she is there for you, I stayed longer than expected but I was never rushed. You can...
    read more

    lina 976 Avatar
    lina 976

    Smoking for over 40 years Dawn help me quit for good was apprehensive about going but I was put at ease and clearly talked through the process of which I was in control at all times, it worked so smoothly for me that I have relatives from abroad coming to her now Dawn is very professional and confident in what she does I would highly recommend her.

    Stella Farmer Avatar
    Stella Farmer
  • Dawn (mother Teresa)Has been seeing my mum for many years who suffers with depression, She recently found out she has cancer and is shortly to undergo a operation, however my mum had a break down (11.30 am) the day of the pre-op and Dawn found time to see her(3.30pm), spending 2hrs with Dawn give her the confidence and mindset to sit down the hospital (7pm)and wait for her pre-op. Dawn you saved my mums life Yesterday and I’m eternally grateful! Until we meet again.may god bring you happiness....

    Matthew Tall Avatar
    Matthew Tall

    Dawn Rowley what can I say
    Amazing I can’t thank you enough what you have given and done for a family member of mine
    Family member went to the hospital yerstday and today and is feeling better I just want to say thank you so much from me and the family seriously she is like a new woman a telephone call and 2 hour session yerstday thank you so much

    Hayley Varga Avatar
    Hayley Varga

    I know Dawn as a professional who cares genuinely about her clients and their progress no matter what they place before her. She walks her talk. She is always seeking to further her skills as a practitioner. Furthermore she is dedicated to her own self-development so you can be confident that she knows the obstacles on your path and therefore can help you over with practical solutions. A good tag line would be ‘more than just words’!

    Linda Williams Avatar
    Linda Williams
  • I would 100% recommend Dawn Rowley. I was very nervous on my first visit but Dawn soon sorted that out and made me feel relaxed and calm.
    I have been working with Dawn for the past few months and i can honestly say Dawn has been amazing. Dawn will listen to you and not judge you in anyway.
    Like some people Dawn does not do her job just to earn money but to genuinely help you. She will try several techniques, if one don't work try something else but she wont give up on you.
    I now wake up every morning and thank Dawn for her continues support and helping me to reach my goals.
    Thank you Dawn Rowley xx

    Serj Hussain Avatar
    Serj Hussain

    I would deffo recommend dawn 100 per cent she is amazing at what she does is so caring and listens to you and help me so much with my problems can’t recommend her highly enough amazing lady and brilliant at was she does

    Keith Douglas Avatar
    Keith Douglas

    Dawn is so helpful, and I'm so glad I decided to see her! Her help and advice has been invaluable, she's honest and beyond supportive. Dawn was flexible with her appointment times and went above and beyond to help me. Like many others I was a little apprehensive before I went, but Dawns skills and expertise soon helped me feel at ease and have definitely helped me! Couldn't recommend Dawn enough

    Kiran Dhesi Avatar
    Kiran Dhesi
  • I booked in to see Dawn as a last resort to help me with a substance addiction that was really holding me back from living the life I want.
    I wasn't sure it would work for me personally but immediately after my first session I could tell I felt differently and the further sessions helped to embed this change.
    Her office space is really calming and 'safe', I liked the feeling of total privacy in the room and the flexibility of appointment times available.
    What I really liked about Dawn was her non-judgmental and supportive attitude - I never once felt like she was judging me or trivializing my issue, both of which I was initially concerned with.
    During each session Dawn showed incredible patience in terms of working through to the root of each issue rather than rushing me or making bog-standard recommendations; I feel she really took...
    read more

    Kayleigh Parsons Avatar
    Kayleigh Parsons

    I gave up on holidays abroad 8 years ago after a full blown panic on the plane!! Even the thought of flying sent me in a cold panic. Dawn was recommended to me by a friend. I wasn't hopeful but thought I'd give it a go. I can honestly say that my session changed my life. I've just come back from Greece !!!!!!!!

    Anne Marie Thompson Avatar
    Anne Marie Thompson

    Cant thank Dawn enough. I always had problems with doing Job interviews where I would forget what I planned to say and just let my nerves get the better of me. I therefore called Dawn and met up with her a day before an interview. We had a 2 hr session. Following day at my interview, I coudnt believe it, I basically controlled the interview. I got on a white board and demonstrated my technical ability and was offered the job there and then. I was confident, no heart beating fast, no clammy hands, full of confidence. I went with a open mind and believe me this was the best thing I ever done. Since then had another interview and smashed it, now in a position to choose what job i want to take. Thank you Dawn for your professionalism and skills you have. I will be back soon, need... read more

    Ranjit Purewal Avatar
    Ranjit Purewal
  • From our initial first call to the actual process itself Dawn was fantastic from start to finish. I was very skeptical about the whole thing but was very surprised when it cured a huge problem i had been having for around 6 months. Dawn is a credit to her proffesion and the work that she does really does change lives. Thanks for everything Dawn!

    Keiran J Avatar
    Keiran J

    I was reading these testimonials just as you are now, hoping they were real. I went from a successful confident, happy person to a nervous wreck in one week, developing a phobia of driving that would leave me crying and unable to get in or out of my car. It was terrifying and I thought I was going to die. Honestly, that's how scary the experience was. I called Dawn after finding her on the internet, I couldn't drive to her, she had to come and get me roadside trembling with fear. After 2 sessions, she had got rid of my fear and I was on the road to recovery. There are no words for how good she is and how much she can help, just try it, she uses a range of approaches and she gets to the root of the problem, she can change your life, don't delay... read more

    Amy Avatar

    Tbh I was a little skeptical at first but thought I really didn't have much to lose. After the session though I could feel a difference, and that has stayed now over a year later. I'm not sure why I didn't seek help earlier and would definitely suggest to others to just give it a go. I liked the follow up resources as well and used those every now and again. I have just used Dawn's services again for a separate issue and feel just as confident that it will be just as successful. I would have no hesitation in recommending.

    Claire Horobin Avatar
    Claire Horobin
  • 100% recommend. Amazing experience.

    Kaye Lengden Avatar
    Kaye Lengden

    Dawn has a very caring approach and truly wants the best outcome for her clients. I would highly recommend her.

    Alison June Maton Avatar
    Alison June Maton

    I went to my first appointment with an open mind and was blown away by how powerful the experience was. I came away from the appointment clear in my mind that I had made connections as to why I suffer with low confidence and self esteem. I found Dawn to be friendly and she really did put me at my ease. I would recommend Dawn to anyone who needed help with various issues.

    Cheryl Hookham Avatar
    Cheryl Hookham
  • After being a smoker for over 30 years and having cancer and 2 children I never thought I could give up ...if having children and cancer wasnt enough to give up what was??....I've tried everything from patches tablets vapes...then I met dawn ...it was a last resort for me and I went in thinking what the hell if it doesn't work I've not lost anything not even the money side of it ...as id of spent it on fags anyway ...I went in with an open mind... I met dawn who is down to earth and made me feel at ease straight away I had 2 sessions and cannot believe I'm actually a non smoker it's been 14 wks and I can honestly say it's worked...I can't recommend dawn enough if your thinking about doing it then stop thinking and do it ....dawn has helped me to prolong my life... read more

    Hazel Conroy Avatar
    Hazel Conroy

    Went to see Dawn as I knew my weight problems stemmed from drinking and then overeating. Dawn helped me to realise that I didn't actually want to drink but it had become a daily habit. On my second visit she noticed how I had reacted to a question and then took me deeper to face the underlying problem, upsetting BUT immediately it felt like a weight I had carried in my stomach for years had dissolved. Outcome, 11 pounds lighter and a whole lot happier. Definitely recommended

    Maxine Gibbons Avatar
    Maxine Gibbons

    I saw Dawn about 18 months ago as I had a massive issue with flying and confined spaces. Dawn has given me a whole world to see!! I have flown 3 times since my sessions with Dawn and its given me the confidence to start to travel further afield. Furthermore to this, my fear of small spaces has got so much better. A life changing experience for me. Can't thank you enough for giving me the world!!! � x

    Dawn Slade Avatar
    Dawn Slade
  • Tbh I was a little skeptical at first but thought I really didn't have much to lose. After the session though I could feel a difference, and that has stayed now over a year later. I'm not sure why I didn't seek help earlier and would definitely suggest to others to just give it a go. I liked the follow up resources as well and used those every now and again. I have just used Dawn's services again for a separate issue and feel just as confident that it will be just as successful. I would have no hesitation in recommending.

    Alba Howitzer Avatar
    Alba Howitzer

    I saw Dawn when I was recovering from a major operation and was struggling to come to terms with losing my mum x x the care empathy understanding and support she offered as well as her sessions was exceptional x x x she helped me no end to become the person I once was x x I will always be forever in her debt x x x would definitely recommend seeing Dawn a beautiful kind lady ��

    Carol Tedds Avatar
    Carol Tedds

    Very Friendly and made me feel relaxed. I would definitely recommend. Michelle

    Asl Arc Avatar
    Asl Arc
  • I recently had an appointment with Dawn and I was really impressed. I went in with an open mind, not really sure of what to expect, or if I would notice change afterwards. Dawn was very patient with me and I felt at ease as soon as I met her. She was very professional and I would highly recommend her. Since my appointment with Dawn, I have not looked back and have noticed a big change.

    Christine Walsh Avatar
    Christine Walsh

    I found Dawn very empathetic & sympathetic to my problems & the situation i found myself in. I have to say i was very sceptical at the start, but at the end of each session i found my load to be lighter. I would happily recommend Dawn Rowley to anybody. Thank you Dawn x

    Noreen O'Sullivan Avatar
    Noreen O'Sullivan

    Dawn is a brilliant Therapist she worked with me on confidence an public speaking issues and her work was simple, easy and gets results. I felt much more confident speaking in public having had a session with Dawn. To be honest I now wish I had used hypnotherapy earlier in my life its simple and effective !

    Rob Donnelly Avatar
    Rob Donnelly
  • After just two sessions with Dawn, I went from feeling broken and worthless to much braver and hopeful of what my future holds. She helped me unburden myself of my fears and self imposed emotional blocks. I left her office feeling lighter and more confident. I came to Dawn because I am going through a number of issues but the main thing is my anxiety. As well as the hypnotherapy she gave me coping strategies, showed me that I was in control of my emotions and showed me what to do when I have an episode. I love her approach to her work. She is a thorough professional; kind and honest and genuinely wants the best outcome for her client. I would recommend Dawn to anyone who is dedicated to overcoming their blocks and phobias. Prepare for some amazing results!

    Saima Avatar

    After just two sessions with Dawn I went from feeling broken and worthless to feeling much braver and hopeful of what my future had in store. Dawn helped me unburden myself of fear and self imposed emotional blocks. I left her office feeling lighter and more confident. As well as the hypnotherapy Dawn gave me coping strategies to help me with my anxiety. She helped me to see that I was in control of my emotions and what I had to do when I had an episode. I love Dawn's approach to her work, she's a thorough professional; she's kind and honest and she strives to get the best results for her client in her sessions. She genuinely cares about her clients and I would recommend her to anyone who is committed to wanting to rid themselves of any phobias or emotional blocks.


    Hi all , just wanted to say I was referred by a friend to dawn , my mate gave me her number and swore by her , and after seeing how well my mate looked I decided to give her a call and honestly I've never looked back ! I was always a bit sceptical about seeing hypnotists on telly and though yeah what I pile of £&@! but it's nothing like what u see on telly , I swear now may I drop down dead , she has give me my life back , I feel like a new person even 4 months down the line since I last seen her , I can provide the finer things in life for my family! For anyone who has had any demons in there life's ,and believe me I've had a few , she erased them like the exorcist !!! I... read more

    James Griffiths Avatar
    James Griffiths
  • I would definitely recommend Dawn, she's really knowledgable in this field, she's very professional but also really easy to talk to. If you are thinking of hypnotherapy I would suggest a session with Dawn.

    Tania Lanaghan Avatar
    Tania Lanaghan

    I visited Dawn on the 23rd March 2017 and have never looked back since. I highly recommend Dawn. I can't thank her enough! Absolutely incredible!!!

    Scott Ruan Avatar
    Scott Ruan

    I seen dawn last year on the 24th September about my gambling, it had took over my life!
    Never thought I would have stopped!! Until I met dawn, it's coming up to a year now and I'm free of that past life and if I'm honest I can't stand the thought of gambling or even losing a pound. Dawn is amazing at what she does and I would recommend her to anyone that needs help with certain things.

    Kieran Fagan Avatar
    Kieran Fagan
  • I found Dawn to be very warm and welcoming upon first meeting her. She was very understanding and empathetic to my personal situation and concern s. Very professional. I had never gone under hypnotherapy before soo was anxious upon arrival. I was quickly put at ease and have found my sessions positive and successful. Highly recommended to others and planning on returning to Dawn for another reason in the near future. Thank you Dawn. Xxx

    Justine Hendley Avatar
    Justine Hendley

    I cannot thank Dawn Rowley enough for helping me over come my phobia of birds. A week ago I would never of been able to go into my horses new stable block as it is like a big bird cage. If a bird came this close to me before I had my session with Dawn I would of screamed, crawled on the floor being sick and never be able to return. Sarah

    Sarah Burgess Avatar
    Sarah Burgess

    I would like to highly recommend dawn and her Hypnotherapy service. I have had other interventions through my doctors and other therapy but with little success, after 2 visits to dawn over a month I felt a change in me and my family notice a massive difference in my day to day well being and also with the problem I was suffering from.
    I can honestly say this has been life changing to me and I can't thank dawn enough xx

    Suzanne Kelson Avatar
    Suzanne Kelson
  • I have been to see Dawn twice for two very different reasons. On both occasions Dawn has been absolutely incredible. I can't put into words what a difference she made and how much she has helped me.
    I'm so glad I went to see her. I walked out, both times, a different person. I just knew some kind of 'magic' had happened and I would be fine. I felt transformed, everything was under control. I felt confident and positive. I can't tell you how good that feels.
    Dawn is excellent at what she does. She's very professional with a warmth and friendliness about her that puts you at ease immediately. She's a wonderful person, very caring and passionate about her work and helping those who turn to her.
    I'm so glad I did. Thank you Dawn, you will never know how grateful I am.

    Gail Wood Avatar
    Gail Wood

    Dawn helped me get over my fear of flying. Don't knock hypnotherapy until you have tried it

    Matt Hambridge Avatar
    Matt Hambridge

    Dawn has helped me so much I can't thank her enough! Highly recommended.

    Carrie Maunders Avatar
    Carrie Maunders
  • Amazingly talented Hypnotherapist - helped me transform so many things in my life. Recommend her!

    Jacqui Gleeson Avatar
    Jacqui Gleeson

    really great help for me after a few difficult events, went in skeptical, came out changed.

    Kieran Bullivant Avatar
    Kieran Bullivant

    Dawn is very client- centred, empathetic and uplifting in her approach. Very honest in stating how many sessions I required. She said one will be enough and she was absolutely spot on! Very professional and knows her job inside out. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for good service and value for money.

    N Gill Avatar
    N Gill
  • I visited Dawn recently for help with anxiety & mind chatter. I've tried various other forms of self help, talking therapies and medication, with little success. I felt immediately at ease with Dawn - she is a very warm, empathic person. She talked me through the process and I felt reassured and relaxed throughout. After the session I felt much lighter and brighter & my symptoms have decreased noticeably. My anxiety has lessened and I am sleeping much better. I would certainly recommend Dawn to anyone who has issues with anxiety & self-confidence.

    Lynne Hampson Avatar
    Lynne Hampson

    I found Dawn very friendly and professional. She really helped me with my issues and I found the hypnosis process to be very relaxing and therapeutic. She also sent me some links to listen to at home which were really helpful too. I would highly recommend her services.

    Riona Judge Avatar
    Riona Judge

    I suffer with depression and fibromyalgia and turned to Dawn for help and support. Dawn is a very compassionate person who taught me how to 'zone in' on traumatic experiences, recognise how they feel and replace them with positive thoughts and actions. For the first time in many years, I have finally developed a way to effectively deal with my condition. Although I am not completely recovered, Dawn has enabled me to disengage from those 'negative feelings' and replace them with effective cognitive methods. I now have a 'safe haven' I can retreat to to get the respite in need to tackle my illness. If your suffering an need help and you have no-one to turn to, please see Dawn - she is amazing!

    Paul Rushden Avatar
    Paul Rushden
  • Dawn is very client- centred, empathetic and uplifting in her approach. Very honest in stating how many sessions I required. She said one will be enough and she was absolutely spot on! Very professional and knows her job inside out. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for good service and value for money.

    Dr Navjot Gill Avatar
    Dr Navjot Gill

    I had two sessions with Dawn a few months ago and they were extremely helpful. Sessions were focused on my issues and has provided me with just what I required to feel normal again. I am not a great believer of hypnotherapy, but entered into this with the desperation that nothing had worked. This has provided more support than I ever expected. I recommend Dawn to others​ in my family and would suggest you give it a try.

    Michael Smith Avatar
    Michael Smith

    I suffer from Anxiety and went to see Dawn 4 times. Over this period of 5/6 months she has really helped me conquer the negative feelings of panic that I was suffering from. I would definitely recommend her to anyone who has this problem as she has really changed the way I think and feel for the better and has given me the tools to cope in situations that I would of previously avoided or felt very uncomfortable in. I would give her more stars if they had them. Thank you Dawn!

    Laura Sergeant Avatar
    Laura Sergeant
  • I would like to thank Dawn for her professionalism, consideration and amazing support during a difficult time. Aside from being really approachable and personable as a person, i've found her hypnotherapy incredibly effective. I never thought I would be able to be hypnotised as a particularly cynical person, however it was an incredibly cathartic & emotional experience that helped me to reach 'freedom' from my original issues. After a phone conversation whereby she spoke to me for quite some time, i decided to meet with Dawn. She very quickly narrowed down the roots of my issues and managed to very sensitively approach this subject, and handle it effectively. Furthermore, Dawn offered additional support in recommending self help things to do at home i.e. things to listen to on my phone, self meditating and ways to counteract my triggers. Dawn provided extra help when I text/contacted her outside of my sessions... read more

    Aimee Price Avatar
    Aimee Price

    Would highly reccomend. She stopped me smoking. It dose work

    John Forward Avatar
    John Forward

    I was feeling at my lowest ever before I went to see Dawn. Bereavement and stress issues had brought on anxiety attacks causing health problems.
    Even after the preliminary meeting I felt reassured. Dawn helped me to put things into perspective and I began to see a way out.
    After three sessions my blood pressure has dropped, sleep is more restful and I feel healthier.
    Thank you Dawn.

    Mick Woodward Avatar
    Mick Woodward

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